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“Fear is simply an illusion created in your mind. The same way you create fear, you can also make it magically disappear.” ~ Nikki Karis

Battle against fear – an inspiring message and quote from founder Nikki Karis about the World War III taking place in our minds.

When word of Covid-19 first hit the world stage earlier this year, I was deeply saddened by many of the social media posts I was reading from friends around the globe, expressing how completely terrified they were about the virus and more importantly, about living in today’s world.

No doubt, there has been some really bad stuff going on in the world the past several decades, including the emergence of Covid-19. But as someone who’s always been able to step back and see the bigger picture of things, well, what I have seen happening more than anything is that a World War III of sorts has been taking place in our minds.

It’s a war that’s been waged against us as a Humanity, utilizing fear as a tactical weapon. It’s been perpetuated by our politicians, our governments, the controllers of the Internet, the media, and anyone else whose intentions towards us are less than honorable. It’s even being perpetuated by ourselves vis a vis our fears which keep us entrapped in a vicious cycle of mental slavery.

For those people who know me well, they will tell you that my instincts about this kind of stuff are pretty much 100% spot on, as I’ve had a special gift of “knowing things” since I was a child. And my knowing, unfortunately, is that we’re presently in the midst of the greatest battle for Humanity ever waged, but it’s not the kind of battle that’s fought with guns or nuclear missiles.

It’s a different kind of battle. It’s a battle waged predominantly in our minds where fear drives us to think about and do a lot of crazy things.

It’s a battle where our deepest, darkest fears create a terrifying reality for ourselves, a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy.

It’s a battle where when we read a slanted, fear-filled piece of journalism, we assume it’s 100% correct, even without the slightest bit of supporting evidence. So much of what we read or watch on TV these days is an illusion perpetuated by people who have a vested interest in keeping us locked in a perpetual state of fear and slavery. It either isn’t true, or it’s been so grossly misstated and/or misquoted that it’s the farthest thing from the truth.

And whatever isn’t illusion, meaning there is actually some basis of truth to it, well, then it’s something we’re helping to perpetuate by allowing fear to dominant our minds. And our thoughts right now, those fearful ones, have the propensity to create a reality that could become terrifying for decades to come, as our thoughts create our realities.

So what should all of us do?

Well, we need to step back, take control of our thoughts, and attempt to see the bigger picture of what’s really going on. We need to turn off our TVs, laptops, cell phones, and the like and find a quiet place to think, i.e. turn off and tune out any noise that may interfere with our thinking.

We need to get back in touch with that part of ourselves that existed before fear invaded our mind. We need to find a sense of peace, a sense of reason, and to start thinking positive thoughts once again.

Because by thinking positively, by letting go of our deepest, darkest fears, we can turn the tides against this illusive enemy known as “fear” that’s set to destroy us if we allow it to. It’s, by far, the strongest enemy we’ve ever fought against in the history of Humanity.

But the same way we have created this illusive enemy, we can also make it magically disappear simply by changing our thought process from negative to positive. The simple message of this post is: “Don’t allow fear to become our greatest enemy.”

We must dispel our fears, and rise together, as ONE! Because together, as ONE, we can create a better, brighter world for all where Heaven on Earth truly does exist.

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Love and blessings always, Nikki Karis … xo
Nikki KarisBattle against Fear – Inspiring Quote