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“A person with a truly beautiful heart is far more beautiful than a person with just a beautiful face. While a beautiful face can fade over time, a truly beautiful heart will forever remain so.” ~ Nikki Karis
Integrity and inner beauty last a lifetime ~ by founder Nikki Karis.

In our society, we have sadly gotten far off base as to what makes a person truly beautiful. If you watch television, peruse the Internet, or look at the pages of a magazine, everything is pretty much focused on external beauty – what designer label someone is wearing, how a person looks physically, what plastic surgery so and so has had this week – that we fail to focus on what is inside a person’s heart. We rarely talk about a person’s inner beauty, preferring instead to focus on a person’s external attributes.

While there is nothing wrong with wanting to look better physically, it’s equally, if not more, important to develop one’s inner beauty. We should all strive to be beautiful in our heart as in doing so, our inner beauty will then reflect outward, making us beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside. While external beauty fades over time, integrity and inner beauty last a lifetime.

And how do we develop our inner beauty? How do we remain forever beautiful?

We do that by exhibiting love and compassion for our fellow Mankind, the animals, too.  Maintaining a sense of integrity toward others when we think, act, speak, and feel is another way to increase our inner beauty.

Living a life of service toward others versus a life bent on satisfying our own selfish wants and needs, also increases inner beauty. Another way is learning to be happy and content with ourselves, despite whatever heartaches, hardships, difficulties, and challenges we may be enduring.

That’s the kind of beauty that remains forever so, not the external physical beauty we hear about time and time again. Physical, external beauty fades with time, so seek to make what’s on the inside something permanent.

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Love and blessings always, Nikki Karis … xo

Nikki KarisIntegrity and Inner Beauty Last a Lifetime