Insightful TONES

“When you look into the mirror, you should see in your reflection the same awesome person your furry loved one sees in you.” ~ Nikki Karis

Animals, both domesticated and non-domesticated, are some of our greatest teachers here on planet Earth.  Not only do they serve as inspiring messengers and spiritual healers during difficult and challenging times throughout our journey, they also teach us valuable life lessons along the way.

One of the valuable life lessons animals teach us, our domesticated pets most especially, is to learn to love and accept ourselves – faults, foibles, imperfections, and all. They teach us to see in our reflection the same awesome person they see when they gaze their eyes upon us.

Oftentimes, we become overly critical of ourselves, feeling down about how we look on the outside, the kind of clothes that we wear, the make of car that we drive, how much money we have in the bank, and the like. We focus on external factors that mean very little in the big scheme of life versus focusing on what matters most – what’s inside our heart and the hearts of those whom we meet and interact with.

If everyone looked to the animals for wisdom and guidance during these turbulent times on the planet, well, the world would slowly start to change for the better. Animals are pure of heart with no hidden agendas, and we, the humans, can certainly take a lesson or two from them about focusing on what’s inside a person’s heart and in developing our own heart more fully.

Love and blessings always, Nikki Karis … xo

Nikki KarisAnimals Feel a Person’s Heart – A Valuable Life Lesson