Honor Our Elders


This video was produced a few years ago for our founder’s YouTube Channel. New videos are currently being produced for this site.

The Nonas Honors Our Elders, Our Most Cherished Treasure

Our elders are valuable teachers for they bring to life a wealth of wisdom, having experienced much during their lifetime while overcoming obstacles and challenges along the way. Yet, despite their incredible value, society often overlooks them, even shuns and casts them side, as being beyond their prime.

The Nonas is committed to bringing awareness to the enormous gifts our elders have to offer to the world. Not only can they help us understand the valuable life lessons we undergo, they can also shed meaning on our greatest struggles. By joining forces with our elders, we can, together, as ONE, rebuild our world in a kinder, more compassionate way.

Quantum physics proposes that our thoughts create and influence our reality. At Tone Rising, we advance “positive thinking”, as a way to create the most optimal realities not just for the individual, but for the world as a whole.

Each Tone Rising brand promotes three different “tones” to help you shift your thoughts, thereby raising your quantum frequency. Remember: together, as ONE, we can raise the quantum frequency of the planet, ONE TONE AT A TIME.

The Nonas Rising Tones



There is a Universal truth or wisdom that is available to each of us. By opening our third eye or crown chakra, we're able to access it to assist us during our journey of ascension.



Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns, and obstacles we must overcome. Through perseverance, though, we can successfully navigate any challenges blocking our way.



Our journey is about learning from our life lessons and instituting growth along the way. We are all evolving, each and every day, and becoming stronger and wiser as a result.

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