When All Races Unite,


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GRAYce Unites All Races, Together, as One Powerful Unit

In today’s climate, mainstream media, governments, and other factions have led us to believe that a great racial divide has occurred amongst us. This false narrative has led to civil unrest in many parts of the world, as we have begun to fight among ourselves versus seeking to unite against the powers that wish to divide us.

GRAYce wants to help bridge this divide, by emphasizing our similarities, as human beings: the fact God created each of us from the very same cloth, and that we all want the same things: to live free; be happy, healthy, and prosperous; and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Let’s unite, together, as ONE, and create a better, brighter world.

Quantum physics proposes that our thoughts create and influence our reality. At Tone Rising, we advance “positive thinking”, as a way to create the most optimal realities not just for the individual, but for the world as a whole.

Each Tone Rising brand promotes three different “tones” to help you shift your thoughts, thereby raising your quantum frequency. Remember: together, as ONE, we can raise the quantum frequency of the planet, ONE TONE AT A TIME.

GRAYce Rising Tones



In many ways, how we perceive a person is how we react toward them. When we judge a person by external factors such as race, we fail to recognize that person for the beautiful soul they are inside.



At all times, we must act with integrity toward others regardless of their race. What we see on the outside of a person is simply window dressings. It's what is on the inside of a person that truly counts.



When it comes to racial inequality, justice must be properly served. This should not be done via riots or violence, but instead through peaceful protest and the judiciary process.

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